We partner with some of the best organic farms to bring you the healthiest and most delicious plates. Our partners raise animals without antibiotics on vegetarian diets rich in nutrients. The meat you eat at Buena Vida is the best out there, the proof is in the taste.

The Wells Family Farm

Family farm owned by fourth generation of farmers raising cattle in Missouri. Using only natural methods, without the chemical inputs is their chosen way to maintain their animals and pastures.

Marcho Farms

Each step of the way, from selection, housing and feeding to transportation, processing and delivery is undertaken with the same sense of pride and unwavering commitment to quality and ethical behavior that began the business over 46 years ago.

Bells Farm

Family Owned and Operated Since 1894. They’ve been pioneering the poultry industry for four generations, so you can give your family the best.

Langenfeller's All Natural Pork

The Langenfeller farms brand of products which has been in existence for over 119 years, is well known for its high quality, fresh and smoked pork products.